Artist and Animator


The country of residence:    Russia


Age:         30 years




My experience counts about eleven years. During this period I occupied different positions such as Animator, Lead-animator, Artist, Storyboarder, BG and Characters designer. You can find my references here: Letters of recommendation from Konstantin Bronzit and Ilya Maximov, which more fully details my qualifications.

The last five years I’ve been working as a freelancer. In free time i’ve been working on side non commercial projects (as an artist and animator):

Regarding my education, in 2004 I graduated from Penza Art School with the Major “Theatrical and Scenery painting”. I’ve got a diploma with honours. In 2006 I completed the course “The Basics of Traditional Animation” at “Melnitsa Animation Studio”. In 2007 in St.Petersburg I attended courses “Video Design and Animation” and “Computer Audio and Video Editing” at Institute of Information Technologies.

My profile:

I’m willing to learn, self-motivated, a team-leader, able to work in a team, highly committed to professional and personal growth. I easy master new technologies.

My professional abilities include but not limited to 3D Characters Animation (3ds Max, Maya) and Flash Animation, Hand-drawn Animation (Cel-Animation), strong drawing and mechanical skills. I have great experience in working with people as an Instructor and Lead-animator.


  • The possibility to maximize my qualification
  • Personal and professional growth


2011 — till now: Freelance Artist Animator

TmXQoEaxd5E2009-2011 Animation studio Flashcafe, St.Petersburg
Internet series «City of Wellness» and several commercials
Creating animatics of the storyboard
Directing and ensuring the quality control of the animators (Adobe Flash).

2008 — 2009 Animation studio Atria, St.Petersburg
Participated in the creation of 3D animatics for the feature film «The long Way Home», creation of animation for the advertising of tea «Tea Maitre» and cartoon movies «Smeshariki»
Animation quality control
Task distribution
Focus on the further development and professional growth of the staff.
Head of the 3D Animation Department
Creating of a friendly environment
Teaching the basics of 3D Animation in the program Autodesk Maya
Team organisation

2007-2008 Company Sandlot Games SPb, St.Petersburg
“Cake Mania 2”, “Cake Mania 3”
Artist and Animator
Game animation
BG and character design and sketching
The technique chaise Flash-animation.
Reference available upon request (only in Russian)

2005-2007 Melnitsa Animation Studio St.Petersburg
“Dobrynya Nikitich i Zmey Gorynych” 2006,»Ilya Muromets i Solovey Razboynik” 2007, several commercials (soft drink “Kvas Nikola”)
Artist and Animator
Hand-drawn Animation
2D computer Animation (in programs Toonz, Tab)
Head of the 2D Animation Department
Significant experience in leading a team and organisation of the work process
Teaching the basics of 3D Animation in programs Toonz, Tab
Reference available upon request (Ilya Maximov ( Rus. \ Eng.), Konstantin Bronzit (Eng.)

2004-2006 House of Children Arts, St.Petersburg
Costumes’ for children’s performances creating
Development and production of scenery for the stage
Posters’ and billboards’ for the holidays production
Reference available upon request (only in Russian)


2000-2004г. «Penza Art college»
Major: Theatrical Scenery Painting
Speciality: Theater artist
Graduated with compliments from the State Examination Committee.

Additional education:

2006 Melnitsa Animation Studio St.Petersburg.
The Basics of Traditional Animation

2007 Institute of Information Technology St.Petersburg.
Video Design and Animation ( 3D design, modeling and animation in 3ds Max).
Computer Audio and Video editing ( Adobe Premiere).

References available upon request

P.S. Only a small portion of my works is laid out on my site . Many of the works are strictly confidential as agreed with my clients. Therefore they cannot be shown on the internet.
About 50% of the ideas belong to the clients. They also lend ideas to the development of characters and backgrounds. All works are copyrighted.