Ekaterina Maksimova

My name is Ekaterina Maximova, I’m an Artist and Animator.

TmXQoEaxd5EAs far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an Artist, and I always knew one day I will. That’s why I made a decision to study Arts. At College my favourite subject was Drawing and Theatrical Composition. I drew sketches of scenery: similar pictures of the stage with different lights and atmospheres in them, I also liked to make sketches of costumes for actors and create the characters in general. In this point Animation is very similar to Scenery Painting. Obviously, most principles of Theatrical Composition are identical to Animation ones. Maybe thanks to all these factors I understood that Animation is the only thing I want to do, when in 2005 I got on course of Traditional Animation with great Russian director Konstantin Bronzit. It’s drawing, it’s movement, it’s a magical life on paper.

Now my experience counts more than five years. During this period I occupied different positions such as Animator, Lead-animator, Artist, Storyboarder, BG and Characters designer. (My resume: 2Danimator_EkaterinaMaksimova)

Last few years I’ve been working as a freelancer and in free time i’ve been working on side non commercial projects with my husband (as an artist and animator).

Regarding my private life.. I’m a happy wife and mother of three wonderful kids. Most of all I love to spend time with the family, playing games, cycling.. So many things than we can do together! And this is great 🙂